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Health, Safety & Environmental

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Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

The following Strategic Objectives have been established at AL HILAL AL THAHABI BLDG. CONT.LLC for our HSEMS. Our Strategic objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound) towards compliance of HSE policy of the organisation and related target.

Health Ensure safe operation to minimize occupational Health Exposure of Employees, Contractors, Community including visitors in our workplaces.

Safety No harm to Employees, Contractors or Community and those visitors visiting our workplace.

AL HILAL AL THAHABI BLDG. CONT.LLC management is committed to establish, implement and monitor effectively a HSE management system for prevention of all incidents which may cause Occupational injury, ill health and environmental impact arising out of its operations or associated activities which includes Civil construction including finishes, Structural steel works including roof sheeting, MEP works including Fire alarm and Fire Fighting , testing and commissioning of utilities , protective devices works of industrial, Commercial and residential infrastructures through effective operational controls. Occupational health and safety of its employees, Clients, Consultants, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Vendors including health and safety of visitors is a prime focus of the organization.

Our Belief:
• It is a good business practice to preserve the environment for ourselves and future generations as well as protecting people from all types of occupational incidents injury and ill-health.
• All incidents which can result in injuries, cause damage to property i.e., equipment, building, materials or to the environment can be prevented by taking suitable precautions.
• We have a moral and social responsibility to reduce and control to the lowest practicable level or preferably prevent environmental pollution that arises from any of our associated business activities.
• Ensuring better health and safety of the personnel and avoiding Environmental impact is primarily a line management responsibility and HSE personnel will work as catalysts/ functional experts in advising the line staff to manage HSE efficiently.
• Each personnel in the organization firmly believes on ‘Waste to become Wealth, Refuse to become Resource and Trash to become Cash’
• We strongly believe the expenses towards implementation and improvement of overall HSE Management System in our business as an investment, not a cost.

Our Goal:
• To provide safe working environment to employees, Subcontractors, Vendors, Suppliers and those involved at associated work.
• To encourage safe behavior at work through suitable recognition schemes.
• To discourage unsafe behavior at work through counseling and disciplining
• To make all our operations as Healthy, Safe & environment-friendly as possible.
• To build HSE requirements in all functions of the organization
• To monitor employees health for occupational illnesses at regular intervals through health monitoring.
• Waste generation in overall activities within our organization shall first be Reduced in source and secondly Reused, then shall be preferred in Recycling.

Our Path:
• Communicate the HSE policy to the employees with specific and measurable HSE responsibilities to all levels of employees through their respective supervisors or line staffs.
• Carry out EVERY activity based on a formal OHS Risk and Environmental impact assessment, Standard Operating Procedures and in compliance with the controls/ precautions prescribed therein.
• Set periodic HSE objectives and implement it to ensure continual improvement through elimination or reduction of occupational Health, Safety Risk & Environmental impact effectively.
• Comply with all applicable HSE Regulations (Federal/Local/Contractual) and other obligations on HSE.

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